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home improvement

 Winter is the time to cozy up on the couch in front of the fireplace with a good book. Right? To an extent, yes, but this doesn’t mean you can’t tackle some important home improvement and maintenance jobs. Here are some jobs that are ideal for the winter:

  • Wood Stairs and Decking

When the snow finally melts off your patio, bridge-ways and front porch, you may notice all the wear-and-tear that your wood decking has been subjected to. Be sure to remove any wooden boards showing signs of rot, as this rot can seep into vulnerable adjacent boards. 

  • Landscaping

It is not easy to get around to landscaping during the winter, but be sure to continue to remove dead foliage such as leaves, branches, and vines from your lawn and use it for compost. Continue to water your evergreens and periodically check on your plants to make sure they are getting sufficient water.

  • Check Pipes and Gutters

Gutters and leader pipes usually take a beating during the winter. Be sure to check that your leader pipes are not clogged and make any repairs to the gutters as needed.

  • Get Your Carpets and Rugs Cleaned

Your rugs and carpets can get particularly dirty during the winter months. Not only are people often trampling wet boots into the house, but also people spend more time indoors, which can lead to your carpets getting dirtier more quickly. The added moisture in the air during the winter months means that wet carpets dry faster, making winter the ideal time to embark on this home improvement job.

  • House Painting

As home painters, the professionals at Ray the Painter often advise clients to invest in interior house painting in the winter months. Paint dries quicker in the low winter temperatures. This combined with closed windows and your heating system turned on will lead to your paint getting dry in no time.



Wooden deck

Wooden decks are a great addition to any home. Whether you have a treated wooden deck strip around your pool or a series of bridge ways and patios, there will be maintenance involved in keeping your wooden deck looking good for a long time.

Choose Top End Products

If your wooden deck is not able to keep moisture out, then it will rot. While it is common to try to cut corners to save money on construction projects, wooden decking is one area where you cannot skimp. Choose a quality product from a trusted manufacturer and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines during installation.

Don’t Procrastinate On Repairs

If you notice rot in your wood deck, repair it immediately. Rot can spread into other parts of the deck, so it is better to remove any rot as soon as there are visible signs of it. Also, check for loose boards, steps, and railings often.

Sweep Regularly

Dirt and leaves can stain your deck, so sweep the area regularly.

Protect Your Deck Against Rain And Sun

Your deck should be professionally cleaned and sealed every 2 to 3 years to protect it from the sun’s harsh UV rays and rain. If you start noticing signs of wear on a more regular basis, you should consider pressure washing your deck every year instead of every 2 to 3 years. Professional cleaning will protect your deck from mildew spores and remove any impurities that may exist within the wood.

Avoid Solid Stains And Paint

Solid stains and paint are a no-go for wood decking, as these substances will eventually peel. We usually recommend that only oil-based stains are used, but consult your manufacturer’s guidelines before opting for a specific type of stain or paint.

Ray the Painter offers exterior house painting in Oklahoma City. Contact our team of painting contractors for exterior painting today.


exterior house painting

Getting ready to put your home on the market can be bittersweet. You are excited about the next step in your life and moving to a new home, but you have come to love your current house. As house painters, we know how hard it can be to spruce up a home that you are getting ready to sell.


Regardless of where you are in your emotional journey, you will want to get the best deal for your home. One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. But, have you considered which colors could lead to you being able to charge a higher price tag for your property?


Real estate and rental marketplace, Zillow, analyzed over 135,000 pictures of homes that were sold across the US. Their goal was to determine how the color of the home affected the selling price of the home. Zillow’s 2018 Paint Color Analysis produced some intriguing insights, specifically that painting your front door charcoal gray or black could help homeowners get up to $6,271 more than they originally expected they would get. Other interesting results included that periwinkle bathrooms (which refers to the color spectrum between pastel blue and violet) and tuxedo kitchen cabinets could add as much as a $6,000 premium on a home’s selling price.


According to, painting the interior of your home results in a 107% return on investment. And, painting the exterior of your home commands a 55% return on investment. Chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, Jennie Horris, comments, “It is the least expensive investment for the biggest return.” The National Association of Realtors’ 2017 survey also showed that 68% of realtors recommend painting walls if you are planning to sell your home and 62% of realtors recommend paint touch-ups.


Whether you are interested in exterior house painting or need a team of interior house painters to get your home ready for sale, the painting contractors at Ray the Painter in Oklahoma City can help you. Contact us for more information today.


House Painting Tips

Many homeowners are familiar with the unsightly effect of paint that has lifted from a wall. This effect can happen weeks, months or even years after the house-painting job was completed. When paint bubbles too much, it will eventually burst, which leads to the peeling of paint from the underlying surface.


There are a number of things that can lead to paint bubbling or peeling, but the root of the problem usually lies in:

  • Moisture
  • Heat, and/or
  • A combination of these two elements.


Specific situations that will most definitely lead to bubbling and peeling paint are the following:

  • When the surface that is being painted is dirty, damp or hot
  • When latex paint is exposed to wetness or damp after painting
  • Lack of proper surface preparation prior to painting
  • When the initial paint layer is latex paint and a second layer of oil-based paint is applied over the latex layer.


In certain situations, the bubbling and peeling can be saved by scraping and sanding the area of the wall. A coat of high-quality paint can then be applied to the problem area. Be sure to check whether there is a source of water that is leading to excess moisture in the wall or surface, as this will need to be rectified to avoid the continuation of the problem.


To prevent bubbling and peeling in the future, make sure of the following:

  • The surface you are going to paint must be free of dirt and dust debris
  • The surface must be completely dry before you start to paint
  • If there are any stains on the surface, apply a primer-sealer and wait for it to dry before you start painting
  • If the room that you are painting is humid or moist, it would be a good idea to install an exhaust or ventilation fan.


Want to make sure your house-painting project is executed flawlessly? Then hire the painting contractors at Ray The Painter. Contact us to find out more about our painting services today.


How Walls Should Be Prepared By Your Paint Contractor

When you hire a professional paint contractor, you need to be confident that you will get the best finish possible. While the quality of the paint and the application do play a significant role in the final result, preparation is the key to ensuring a beautiful, lasting look.


Besides ensuring a perfect finish, proper wall preparation will also reduce or even eliminate the need for extra coats of paint. And it will keep the job site tidier throughout the paint project.  


Here are some of the steps that a paint contractor should take to prepare your walls for painting:


  • Remove Items From The Walls:

Any picture frames, portraits, blinds or curtains in close proximity to the wall or that are adhered to the wall need to be removed.


  • Fill Holes And Cracks:

Holes and cracks in the wall need to be filled and finished for a smooth, even result.


  • Clean The Walls:

Warm soapy water and a sponge can be used to clean the walls. The wall should not only be completely free of dirt and debris, but it should also be completely dry before it is painted.

  • Prime Surfaces:

Stained surfaces or areas that have not been painted before, have to be primed prior to painting.

  • Protect Fixtures:

Light and electrical covers as well as door skirting need to be protected so that they don’t come into contact with the wall paint.


Some of the tools, items and equipment that a paint contractor will use to prepare the wall for painting include:


  • Dust sheets,
  • A bucket and sponge,
  • A sanding block,
  • A vacuum cleaner,
  • Dust masks,
  • Wall filler,
  • Primer,
  • Basecoat,
  • Masking tape,
  • A retractable knife, and
  • Sealant.



As you can see, quite a lot of work goes into preparing a wall before it can be painted. If you need an experienced, dependable and expertly trained team of paint contractors to take care of your exterior or interior house painting, then get in touch with Ray the Painter. We provide top-quality house painting services in Oklahoma City.






Few things can make such a big difference in the appearance of your home and your interior spaces than that of a fresh coat of paint. The fact that this task is relatively easy and affordable leads a lot of people to wonder whether they should cut costs and take on the job themselves. Here’s a brief overview of the pros and cons of DIY house painting vs. calling the professionals:


  • DIY House Painting Benefits And Drawbacks


The major benefit of doing your own house painting is that you will save money. Instead of paying a paint contractor for labor, you can dedicate a day or a few days to do your own painting work. Keep in mind that you will still need to spend a bit of money on things such as paintbrushes, primer, and any other supplies that are needed over and above the cost of the paint.


The drawback to DIY house painting is that it usually takes you longer than you anticipated. Unless you have a team of family members or friends helping you out, it can be quite time-consuming and tiring. Another negative is that you may not do as good a job as an experienced team of professionals.


  • Hiring Professional House Painters


With a team of professional house painters, the time it takes to paint your home’s exterior or interiors will be significantly reduced. At Ray the Painter in Oklahoma City, all of our painters are full-time employees and they will be clearly identified when they arrive at your property for house painting.


Our painters are expertly trained, careful, neat and dependable. They are trained the “Ray the Painter Way” and our Crew Leaders and Lead Painters average over 7 years painting experience. When you hire Ray the Painter for your house painting, we arrive at 8am and leave at 4:30pm each day. Before leaving each day, we make sure our tools are put away and that your home is clean and tidy. With a professional team of painters, you will have the skills, experience and supplies needed to get the job done expertly within the shortest amount of time.


Contact us for more information about house painting in the OKC Metro Area.


home exterior paint

As house painters in Oklahoma City, we know how important it is to have a home with curb appeal. One of the best ways to add value to your property is by investing in a fresh coat of paint. But, how do you go about choosing the color palettes for your home’s exterior?


The rule of thumb that many designers use is to choose color palettes that also reflect the interior of your home. It is important to keep in mind that the front door is a focal point in a similar way that a fireplace would be a focal point in a room. The color of your roof will also influence the color palettes you choose for your exterior walls because a gray, black or brown roof may or may not compliment the colors you have chosen for the walls.


Browsing Pinterest or other online platforms for inspiration will only take you so far. Here are some of the popular color palettes for house exteriors at the moment:


  • Ivory, white, and aqua
  • Crisp white, aqua, and royal purple
  • Honey yellow, mustard yellow, and brown
  • Cool green and pure white
  • Deep turquoise, white, and slate gray
  • Sunny yellow, cinnamon brown, and white
  • Peach, cream, and green
  • oft gray and canary yellow
  • Cotton white and deep blue
  • Taupe and rustic brown
  • Olive green, oak, and white


Painting your home’s exterior requires trained professionals. All of the painters at Ray the Painter are full-time employees; they are careful, neat and dependable. Contact us for exterior house painting in Oklahoma City and surrounds today.



In Oklahoma, people take pride in their homes. The outside of your property, including the garden, driveway, and your home’s exterior, is the first impression that guests will have of you and your family. It is also the first thing you will see when you come home after a long day’s work.

While an exterior paint job is a great way to give your home a facelift, many people underestimate the impact that things like shutters, trimmings, and windowsills can have on the overall picture and feeling of a space. Here are a few ideas to create a beautiful picture with your home’s shutters:


Match Your Shutters To Your Doors

Is your belt the same colour or material as your shoes or purse? Many detail-oriented people are particularly aware of how certain colours of their outfits or accessories need to be matched. In the same way, you can consider matching the paint colour of your shutters to your front door.


If matching your shutters to your front door is not practical or appealing, then you could also consider matching your shutters to your fence, garage doors or other exterior doors of your home.


Spray Paint Or White Wash Your Shutters

Spray painting or whitewashing your shutters can give your windows a unique, retro look. You can also extend this look to louvres and other elements of your home for more consistency.


Cream And Green

The cream and green colour combination can give your home a natural and vintage look.


Adding Dimensions With Shades Of Charcoal

For a more modern look, you can consider combining different shades of grey, charcoal, and blue-black with white for your window trimmings and shutters.


Navy And White

The navy and white colour combination can give your home more of a colonial or navy-inspired look.



Need an exterior home painter in Oklahoma? Then contact Ray the Painter today.


Outdoor entertainment

The weather is slowly but surely starting to heat up and you can feel that spring is in the air, which means that summer is around the corner! As house painters, we’re often involved in home renovation and upgrade projects this time of the year. One thing that many people in Oklahoma City are investing in is outdoor entertainment areas where they can host friends and family for summer barbecues. Here are a few ways in which you can get your entertainment area ready for summer:


Create An Outdoor Bar Or Kitchen

If you have to keep walking back and forth to your kitchen to pour drinks and bring plates, then you’re missing out on valuable time that you could be spending outside with your guests. Build an outdoor bar and kitchen to make entertaining easier and better.


Create Shade

If your outdoor entertainment area isn’t covered by the trees, make sure you have something that will offer shade from the sun during the warmer summer months. A large, movable umbrella or a pergola can work wonders.


Build A Fire Pit

A fire pit creates an ambience in a way that a traditional barbecue doesn’t. This can be the spot where people hang out, tell stories, and spend time together for hours.


Paint The Area

Whether you have deck chairs and tables or cabinetry and walls, our house painters can paint your surfaces to make sure that it withstands harsh weather elements and looks great all year round.



Contact us for more information about our house painting services in Oklahoma City.


House painting involves a number of decisions. Once you’ve determined your budget, calculate how much paint you will need, and (eventually) picked a colour, it’s time to decide on the finish you want. So how do you choose between matte, satin or gloss finishes? Here’s a quick guide:

The first step in the right direction is to ask yourself a few basic questions:

Do you need to be able to wipe your walls?

If your walls are prone to scuff marks, for example, then you will need to wipe it more often.


Do you need to be able to wash your walls?

If you have kids and pets, you may also need to wash your walls more often.

Here’s the difference between the sheen, wash-ability, and wipe-ability of the different wall finishes:


Matte Finishes

Where flat paint has little to no sheen, matte finishes have a 5 – 10% gloss finish. This extra bit of gloss will make it slightly easier to wipe and wash than a matte finish.


Satin Finish

Satin has more sheen than both flat paint and matte finishes. The 25 – 35% gloss finish makes it more wipe-able and washable, and it can also slightly enhance the colour of your paint. A satin finish is usually recommended for trims, but choosing this option for a wall coating will depend on the aesthetics you want from the paint job.


Gloss finishes

The percentage of sheen in a gloss finish is higher than satin finishes and range from 50% sheen to 85%+ sheen. This finish can give your walls a dramatic effect.

The type of finish you choose is irrelevant if you don’t have experienced house painters taking care of the job for you. Contact Ray the Painter for house painting services in Oklahoma City today.