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As an experienced home painter in Oklahoma, we often get asked about painting over brick and stucco. Some people wrongly believe that they will be stuck with the color of the brick or stucco indefinitely, but if you follow these guidelines you will be able to ensure that your paint properly adheres to the brick or stucco:

Prepare the surface

Brick and stucco needs proper cleaning. Invest in a commercial cleaning agent so that all stains, mildew and any bits of masonry or debris are removed from the surface area that you are painting. Surface preparation also includes filling any cracks or holes in the surface. With brick and stucco, you shouldn’t depend on a few layers of paint to fill the voids and holes, rather redo sections of the mortar or fill holes with a joint compound. Smaller cracks can be filled with chalk. 

Make sure moisture levels are low

Brick and stucco are porous materials, so even if you experienced rainfall a few days ago, it could still be too damp to paint over. You can get a moisture meter at your local hardware store. Make sure the moisture level is below 10% for the best results. 

Choose the right primer and paint

Primer and paint combinations aren’t advised; rather choose a high quality primer that you can use before you paint your wall. Acrylic paint should be used to paint brick and stucco. Avoid oil based paints for this type of exterior paint work. 

Paint should be sprayed and then back brushed onto the wall. This back brushing technique will ensure that the paint is pressed into all the smaller holes and uneven surface spaces so that you are left with a smooth finish.

Instead of painting the outside of your house yourself, why not entrust the job to an experienced painting contractor? Contact Ray the Painter in Oklahoma for experienced home painters today.


Embarking on an exterior paint job in Oklahoma? Here are four steps to get the job done right:

1.     Buy the right paint

If you know what color you want, all that’s left is getting to your local paint or hardware store to buy paint. Don’t skimp on quality as this can have a huge impact on your results. It might seem like a cost-effective solution to buy the discount paint or cheaper brands, but you want your exterior paint job to last a long time, so invest in high quality paint products. 

2.     Consider the time of year

Heat and humidity can affect how your paint dries, which could lead to a stained look. Rainy weather, on the other hand, can render your efforts a complete disaster. Make sure you check the weather forecast before you start painting.

3.     Fix, repair and prep your exterior surfaces. 

The best paint and the latest tools won’t ensure a good job if you haven’t properly prepared your exterior surfaces. Fix and repair any damaged sections on your exterior walls and remove all types of wrinkling, flaking and peeling paint.

4.     Reconsider whether you really want to take on the job yourself

Painting doesn’t require a college degree, years of experience and a bunch of hard to find tools!   But it’s usually MUCH more work than people anticipate!  Not only does painting an entire home’s exterior take a lot of time, make you tired and frustrated, but mistakes can be costly, resulting in uneven painting, textures and surfaces. Hiring an experienced professional who utilizes the best tools and equipment makes your life much easier.

Instead of spending your weekends painting your home, why not contact the pros at Ray the Painter? Our team of professional painters will come and repaint your house in as little time as possible.


For many house painting services, using subbed out painters goes hand in hand. It makes sense for some companies, as they can save money by not having many people on payroll. We do things a bit differently at Ray the Painter, with all painters working for us on a permanent basis. Want to find out why we do things this way? Read on to find out more.

We want to ensure our painters are highly experienced

The average Crew Leader and Lead Painters that we employ have more than seven years of experience. We want to ensure that the person painting your house has experience and can therefore do the best possible job. When it comes to investing in your property, the last thing you want is a cheap and badly-done job.

We hold our staff up to a high standard

The jobs our people do for our customers represent our business, so if a job is not done to our high standard, that reflects poorly on us as a company. By hiring permanent staff, we can hold them accountable at all times. Ray the Painter staff are expected to put away all tools and leave a job site spotlessly clean.  Unless arranged otherwise, we arrive promptly at 8am and leave at 4.30pm. 

Having been in business since 1991 and when Ray Wolf bought his first brushes and rollers, we are a company that has worked our way up with care and dependability. Now with an extensive list of impressive clients, a highly-experienced team and an endless commitment to customer service, we continue to strive with high standards. We not only offer house painting services (that include exterior house painting and interior house painting) but also furniture painting and furniture refinishing. To find out more about our dedication to the best service in the business, contact us today or fill out a bid request.


If you are based in Oklahoma City and considering painting your home’s furniture, you need to take great care not to destroy the original look and feel of the piece you want to redo. 

Doing a furniture refinishing job can be daunting, especially when your goal is to give  it a more modern or sophisticated look. With these tips on giving old furniture new life by painting them, you are sure to get your guests talking! 

  • When hiring a painting contractor, make sure the furniture piece is properly sanded. Sanding the furniture before painting it removes all the excess paint or varnish from the piece.
  • Make sure that all residues are removed. Any dust and other particles can destroy a newly painted furniture piece.
  • Priming your furniture before painting it will ensure an even look to it when paint is applied.
  • When the furniture piece is painted, make sure that at least three coats of paint are applied as only one coat of paint may look dull and not cover the entire surface with an even color.
  • Protect the dry paint with a coat of varnish or other product to ensure long lasting color that will look great all year round.

The best house painting contractors at Ray the Painter 

Ray the Painter is situated in Oklahoma City and has a skilled team of painters that can help you with your household project. We employ experienced people and always use top quality paint.

If you have any old furniture that you want to throw away, bring it to Ray the Painter and we will bring it back to life! Even cabinets and panels that are old and worn is no match for our staff!

Contact us today if you need us to paint furniture or if you need a house painting contractor in Oklahoma City. Alternatively, fill out a bid request and we will get back to you!


When hiring a paint contractor to spruce up your Oklahoma City home, remember that it’s not only price that should be an important factor. House painting is something that needs to be done with precision. A sloppy job is easy to detect, especially if poor quality paint is used. Ensure that your chosen contractor makes use of durable, long lasting paint and also has an experienced team with a neat and professional painting technique.

Interior house painting and exterior house painting requires different types of paints. Paints designed to last inside the home will most certainly not fare well on the exterior of your home. If you are concerned with the environment and want to paint the interior of your home the ‘green’ way, opt for low VOC paints.

Exterior house painting should only be done with top quality paints that are designed to withstand exposure to the elements and add long lasting value. Only consider premium paints on the market. Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore exterior paint brands come highly recommended.

It is vitally important that you discuss each brand of available paint with your contractor before work begins. Understand that some cheaper paints will offer an inferior quality and while you think you are saving money, touch ups and repaints might be necessary more regularly or sooner than in the case of better quality brands.  

Ray the Painter only uses premium quality and low VOC paints 

If you opt to hire Ray the Painter as your paint contractor, rest assured that we only make use of the finer quality paints on the market, for both the interior and exterior of the home. Of course those who have to work according to a strict budget can opt for cheaper paints – our team will however explain the difference in paint qualities and make sure that you are aware of the best options available to you.

If you would like to ensure that your Oklahoma City home is painted to perfection, take the time to get in touch with us at Ray the Painter. You can contact us via email or telephone or send us a bid request to learn more about our interior painting and exterior painting services. Turn to Ray the Painter for all your home painting needs!


Kitchen decorating and refurbishing ideas from your local professional house painting team: Having the home of your dreams doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, with a little time and effort you can complete a few home DIY projects with the help of a skilled painting team and achieve the look you often see in the best house and home magazines. Today we would like to focus on the kitchen.

The kitchen in your Oklahoma City home is more than just a place to prepare and serve food. The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. It’s where everything happens – where family members seem to congregate. This is why so much time and attention is spent on decorating this particular room. If you feel that it’s time to refurbish, redecorate or simply refresh your kitchen space, we have three simple inspirational ideas which will really open up your kitchen and add functionality and aesthetic appeal:

  • For an instant facelift and to add a lively appeal, add a splash of color. Cabinet refinishing or painting is a great way to add interest to your kitchen without having to replace cabinets. With the right paint job, cabinets can look as good as new, especially if you choose new, modern handles and knobs to match. If you’re looking for color inspiration, pale blue and mustard shades are definitely trending at the moment. We liked these ideas found on Pinterest:


  • Add a touch of modern elegance with clever storage shelves. Shelving makes the ideal feature for the kitchen while providing much needed additional storage space. Have sleek shelving installed and get your interior house painters to spruce them up with a kick of fresh paint, in either white or a contrasting shade. You can really have fun with this type of feature. We loved these ideas found on Pinterest:

  • Get creative with mixing and matching. Often people are scared to veer from one theme or style, but it can be quite rewarding to piece together an eclectic kitchen which features old, new, rustic and colorful (and even more). Below are a few eclectic kitchen ideas that we like:

Of course no home or kitchen renovation is complete without the help of professional interior house painters. If you are doing the home renovation yourself, consider hiring a professional house painting service to help with the finishing touches before you get busy with furnishing and setting up. A professional house painter will ensure no stray paint ends up on furnishings, fittings and features, and that the room has that flawlessly finished appeal.

Hire a professional house painting team in Oklahoma City – Hire Ray the Painter 

The team at Ray the Painter is experienced in home painting and cabinet refurbishing. We will ensure that all flooring and carpeting is protected, all fittings are removed and that all cracks and holes in walls and similar are fixed, during the painting process.

If you want a flawlessly finished home and your kitchen redecorating project to go without a hitch, Ray the Painter is the perfect house painting team to partner with. For more information and advice on our services or to receive a quote, contact us via email or phone today.


Exterior house painting is something many people put off for far too long. Fact of the matter remains that this simple task pays off in the long run. Not only will you ensure your home looks and feels expertly maintained, but exterior paint can also increase the value of your home, too.

A freshly painted home looks clean and updated. Whether you’re looking to sell your home within the next year or so, or are just looking to spruce up your property, paying attention to the roof, siding or brick, decks, trim and gutters should be your starting point.

While the interior of a home is also important for potential buyers, everyone has different tastes, so repainting the interior might not be such a high-impact upgrade as an exterior coat of paint. Here are a few things to consider when investing in an exterior paint job:

What paint should you buy?

Needless to say, you want to invest in long-lasting paint that can withstand harsh weather elements as well as dust and grime. Speak to your paint contractor to find out which brands and colors you should consider.

How much disruption can you expect?

If you’re hiring a single person to paint your home, then you can expect the job to take some time. Why not partner with a team of professional painters who will work together to repaint your all the exterior elements of your home. Experienced painters will get the job done, ensuring a minimum amount of disruption to you and your family.

Contact us for more information about house painting services in Oklahoma City today.


Many people looking to hire a home painter for an interior paint job wonder what the best season is to start such a project. While most people associate DIY and painting projects with the warmer, summer months, winter is in fact the best time to kick-start your project? Here are a few reasons why:

Great winter specials from Ray The Painter

Ray The Painter is a painting contractor in Oklahoma City and we’re offering fantastic winter specials. Go ahead and schedule that interior or exterior project and get 20% to January if you schedule your paint job now (or for any of the following few months up until January 2016).

Paint cures well in winter air

Summer is often preferred for paint jobs because it’s easy to leave windows open for proper ventilation. Luckily, there are so many eco-conscious paints available that you don’t need to open every single window in your house when you’re painting your interiors.

Summer air also comes with a few drawbacks, such as humidity. In winter, the air is less humid so the paint will dry more quickly.

Interior painting takes proper care, coordination and preparation to ensure the best possible work. Our prep process includes protecting and removing furniture, carpeting, tiles and hardwood floors, removing and reinstalling switch plates and outlet covers, filling all nail holes and small cracks and performing any and all repairs mentioned on the estimate, among others.

Besides the abovementioned winter specials, you can also save money on your paint job estimate seeing as we give free estimates for all our house painting projects. Contact us for more information today.


Ray The Painter is an interior painting service provider in Oklahoma City. Removing wallpaper isn’t anyone’s idea of a great way to spend a Saturday. There are probably a bunch of other things that you would want to be doing with your day, so the folks at Ray The Painter are here to ease the task by giving you some clear pointers on what you can do to make the process less tiresome (and so that you can get back to your Saturday football game or barbeque as quickly as possible!).

Prepare yourself

Removing wallpaper can be messy and it’s not a quick or fun process. Prepare yourself mentally and make sure your schedule is free for at least half a day so that you aren’t interrupted halfway through the project.

Protect your floor, furniture and trim

Carefully cover your floor, wood trim and furniture with plastic and seal with tape. Make sure you’ve created a watertight barrier since removing wallpaper can be a wet and sticky affair.

Start at the top

If you inspect the wallpaper, you will often find that the top sections near the ceiling are loose. You can start to tear off this section of the wallpaper without using any water. Do this slowly and carefully so that you can remove large portions of wallpaper at a time.

Apply water

Using a mop, large sponge or spray bottle, apply warm water to the wallpaper backing in manageable sections. Let the water seep into the backing so that it can be absorbed by the wallpaper.  Any areas that dry will need to be wet again, before proceeding.

Scrape off the backing

You can now start to scrape off the backing with a broad putty knife.

After the abovementioned steps, you can patch any damaged parts of the wall, repair drywall and sand the wall with a hand sander. Consult with a house painter to find out what type of primer you should use before your paint your walls.

Don’t feel like taking on this massive job? We can help. Instead of getting your hands dirty and missing out on those weekend plans, you can outsource the entire job to us. Contact Ray The Painter today.


So you’re expecting a new addition to your family – congratulations. Many people spend a lot of time planning everything from baby outfits to exactly what the new nursery should look like. Ray the Painter has some helpful tips for parents, grandparents and anyone else who is expecting the arrival of a baby and needs to prepare a great room for the little one.

Consider the finish

Statement walls, matte effects and intricate textures may look great, but they’re not always the best option for baby rooms. Nurseries are prone to spills, stains and accidents, so an eggshell finish is usually the best option for the first few years of a baby’s life. These finishes might be a bit shinier than your taste, but they are very easy to wipe down if something happens.

Opt for non-toxic paint

This might seem like a no-brainer, but some paints are still full of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can be harmful to humans and pets. To make sure your baby is 100% safe, ask your paint contractor to buy a low-VOC or no-VOC type of paint.

Choose a calming color that you like

You’re undoubtedly going to be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so choose a color you not only like but one you find soothing. Babies can’t distinguish between colors during the first few months of their lives, so if you find blue or yellow to be a relaxing, calming color for a baby room, then go for it.

Need a team of interior painters to come and turn your room into the best baby room imaginable? Then contact Ray the Painter. Our painting contractors service Oklahoma City and the surrounds.