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Exterior house painting is something many people put off for far too long. Fact of the matter remains that this simple task pays off in the long run. Not only will you ensure your home looks and feels expertly maintained, but exterior paint can also increase the value of your home, too.

A freshly painted home looks clean and updated. Whether you’re looking to sell your home within the next year or so, or are just looking to spruce up your property, paying attention to the roof, siding or brick, decks, trim and gutters should be your starting point.

While the interior of a home is also important for potential buyers, everyone has different tastes, so repainting the interior might not be such a high-impact upgrade as an exterior coat of paint. Here are a few things to consider when investing in an exterior paint job:

What paint should you buy?

Needless to say, you want to invest in long-lasting paint that can withstand harsh weather elements as well as dust and grime. Speak to your paint contractor to find out which brands and colors you should consider.

How much disruption can you expect?

If you’re hiring a single person to paint your home, then you can expect the job to take some time. Why not partner with a team of professional painters who will work together to repaint your all the exterior elements of your home. Experienced painters will get the job done, ensuring a minimum amount of disruption to you and your family.

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Many people looking to hire a home painter for an interior paint job wonder what the best season is to start such a project. While most people associate DIY and painting projects with the warmer, summer months, winter is in fact the best time to kick-start your project? Here are a few reasons why:

Great winter specials from Ray The Painter

Ray The Painter is a painting contractor in Oklahoma City and we’re offering fantastic winter specials. Go ahead and schedule that interior or exterior project and get 20% to January if you schedule your paint job now (or for any of the following few months up until January 2016).

Paint cures well in winter air

Summer is often preferred for paint jobs because it’s easy to leave windows open for proper ventilation. Luckily, there are so many eco-conscious paints available that you don’t need to open every single window in your house when you’re painting your interiors.

Summer air also comes with a few drawbacks, such as humidity. In winter, the air is less humid so the paint will dry more quickly.

Interior painting takes proper care, coordination and preparation to ensure the best possible work. Our prep process includes protecting and removing furniture, carpeting, tiles and hardwood floors, removing and reinstalling switch plates and outlet covers, filling all nail holes and small cracks and performing any and all repairs mentioned on the estimate, among others.

Besides the abovementioned winter specials, you can also save money on your paint job estimate seeing as we give free estimates for all our house painting projects. Contact us for more information today.


Ray The Painter is an interior painting service provider in Oklahoma City. Removing wallpaper isn’t anyone’s idea of a great way to spend a Saturday. There are probably a bunch of other things that you would want to be doing with your day, so the folks at Ray The Painter are here to ease the task by giving you some clear pointers on what you can do to make the process less tiresome (and so that you can get back to your Saturday football game or barbeque as quickly as possible!).

Prepare yourself

Removing wallpaper can be messy and it’s not a quick or fun process. Prepare yourself mentally and make sure your schedule is free for at least half a day so that you aren’t interrupted halfway through the project.

Protect your floor, furniture and trim

Carefully cover your floor, wood trim and furniture with plastic and seal with tape. Make sure you’ve created a watertight barrier since removing wallpaper can be a wet and sticky affair.

Start at the top

If you inspect the wallpaper, you will often find that the top sections near the ceiling are loose. You can start to tear off this section of the wallpaper without using any water. Do this slowly and carefully so that you can remove large portions of wallpaper at a time.

Apply water

Using a mop, large sponge or spray bottle, apply warm water to the wallpaper backing in manageable sections. Let the water seep into the backing so that it can be absorbed by the wallpaper.  Any areas that dry will need to be wet again, before proceeding.

Scrape off the backing

You can now start to scrape off the backing with a broad putty knife.

After the abovementioned steps, you can patch any damaged parts of the wall, repair drywall and sand the wall with a hand sander. Consult with a house painter to find out what type of primer you should use before your paint your walls.

Don’t feel like taking on this massive job? We can help. Instead of getting your hands dirty and missing out on those weekend plans, you can outsource the entire job to us. Contact Ray The Painter today.


So you’re expecting a new addition to your family – congratulations. Many people spend a lot of time planning everything from baby outfits to exactly what the new nursery should look like. Ray the Painter has some helpful tips for parents, grandparents and anyone else who is expecting the arrival of a baby and needs to prepare a great room for the little one.

Consider the finish

Statement walls, matte effects and intricate textures may look great, but they’re not always the best option for baby rooms. Nurseries are prone to spills, stains and accidents, so an eggshell finish is usually the best option for the first few years of a baby’s life. These finishes might be a bit shinier than your taste, but they are very easy to wipe down if something happens.

Opt for non-toxic paint

This might seem like a no-brainer, but some paints are still full of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can be harmful to humans and pets. To make sure your baby is 100% safe, ask your paint contractor to buy a low-VOC or no-VOC type of paint.

Choose a calming color that you like

You’re undoubtedly going to be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so choose a color you not only like but one you find soothing. Babies can’t distinguish between colors during the first few months of their lives, so if you find blue or yellow to be a relaxing, calming color for a baby room, then go for it.

Need a team of interior painters to come and turn your room into the best baby room imaginable? Then contact Ray the Painter. Our painting contractors service Oklahoma City and the surrounds.


Need to hire a painting service but not exactly sure about what you colors or patterns you want to use? There are so many different types of statement walls, painting effects, color combinations and patterns that are popular in homes today. In order to make sure your painting project is something you really like, look at the following themes and ideas to narrow down your interior décor choices:


Nature is a great place from which to draw inspiration. If you enjoy the forests, trees and tranquil lakes, search through dark green, blue and grey color palettes. You could even imitate the autumn leaf colors by choosing browns, oranges and reds in order to mimic the look and feel of the changing leaves in September.

Favorite items

Do you have a favorite rocking chair which was passed down from your great aunt or grandparent? Or a special chest of drawers that you found at an estate sale? Take a look at some of your favorite items around the house and choose paint colors that will accentuate these items.


Did you go traveling through the beautiful cities of Prague? Or attend the iconic Mardi Gras Festival? What about a relaxing island vacation that you enjoyed with your spouse? Browse through your photos to come up with colors which remind you of some of your favorite vacation hotspots and travels.

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Need to hire a painting contractor in Oklahoma? When it comes to paint jobs, you need the job done properly the first time around. To make sure you get a top quality painting service that will last for many years, be sure to ask the following questions:

1.    How many years’ experience do you have?

Painting might not seem a tough job, but it actually takes quite a few years before you can call yourself a professional house painter. When you’re hiring a painter, ask how long they’ve been in the industry and ask to see a few client testimonials before you sign the dotted line.

2.    Do you specialize in residential or commercial jobs?

If you’re hiring a painter for a commercial property, you will need to make sure they have the manpower to get the job done. If you’re hiring a painter for a statement wall in your residential home, you will need to ascertain whether the painter has done this type of paint job before. Ask about their specific types of clients in the past to make sure they will be able to do what is expected.

3.    Do you offer a guarantee on materials or labor?

Many reputable painters will be able to give you a warranty on the labor, as well as the materials they use.

4.    Do you have an online gallery or portfolio of completed projects?

Different painters have different styles. To make sure you’re a good fit, ask to see a portfolio of work that has been done.

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Before you throw away that dresser you used to love or that old table from your grandmother, you might want to consider having it repainted. Furniture refinishing can give life back to old furniture that you may have otherwise tossed to the curb. Why waste money on new furniture when what you have is perfectly fine? All you need is a fresh coat of paint to make it look like new again.

Change the Color

If you have recently changed the color scheme in your home, you could repaint your furniture to reflect that. Let's say you have a black coffee table and end table set that no longer goes with the earth tones in the room. You can have those pieces painted a more neutral tone so you can continue using them in the future. You can choose whatever color you want, even if it is a little unconventional and funky! The key is to make sure you are happy with the results.

Fix the Cracks

If there are cracks and other damaged areas on your furniture, you can take advantage of furniture repainting services to get those issues fixed. By adding wood putty in the cracks or sanding worn and rough areas, the surface becomes smooth again and ready for painting.  This is one of the most important steps in the furniture repainting process because it ensures that the furniture will last well into the future. The sooner you can repair your furniture, the longer it will last and the less damage it will sustain over time.

Raise the Value

If you plan on selling your furniture now or in the future, having it repainted could potentially raise the value. Repainting and adding a few extra touches like hardware can create a whole new piece of furniture.  The raised value of course depends on how old the furniture is, the condition, functionality and whether or not it is currently painted. If repainting the furniture will restore and preserve its value, by all means go for it.

Change the Style

A simple change in paint could change the style of your furniture as well. For example, you could make a boring, studious bookshelf look like a modern work of art just by painting the inner cubbies different colors. You could make a child's dresser look like something worthy of a college student by choosing a more sophisticated paint scheme for the exterior. Finish all this off with some new hardware, and you won't even recognize the piece when it's done.

If you love the shape of your existing furniture, try to make the most of it. Use furniture refinishing services to protect your investment and let your furniture last a lifetime. 


Now that the summer is in full force, you'll probably be spending a lot of time in your backyard. From cookouts to Slip-n-Slides, there are so many reasons to get outside this summer. If you plan on having people over to your house, you might want to take this time to spruce up your yard a bit. Here are five easy ways to improve the look of your backyard.

Clear the Weeds

Even if you mow down the weeds in your yard, they're going to look unsightly. Apply the appropriate, seasonal weed killer or pre-emergent.  Take an afternoon to go around the whole yard and pull out what doesn't belong. If you end up with bare spots, buy some sod to fill in the gaps or consider adding some plants in the empty areas.

Powerwash the Concrete

This will get rid of the stains and dirt build up on your concrete by blasting high-power streams of water over the surface. You can buy a power wash kit to use yourself, or you can hire someone to do the work for you. You could go one step further and powerwash your siding, fencing, decking, and more. Consider this a car wash for your backyard!

Stain the Deck and Fence

The weather in Oklahoma can quickly make your fencing and decking look old and worn. If you invest in deck and fence staining early into the summer, you can have a great looking yard that seems fresh and well-maintained. Staining will also provide your wood with a new sealant to preserve and protect it from the sun and harsh temperatures to come.

Improve Your Patio Furniture

Adding patio furniture to a back yard can provide a burst of color and a level of comfort that you wouldn't get from Mother Nature alone. If you already have patio furniture, you may want to get new cushions to modernize or update the look. With a metal or wood surface, you could also repaint the furniture if it is starting to look faded and neglected.

Replace or Turn the Mulch

If you have mulch in your backyard, turn it over or replace it entirely. This will let the moist mulch at the bottom come back to the surface so it doesn't look as dry and withered.  Turn your mulch periodically throughout the summer to keep your yard looking its best.

Happy Summer!


Brick and stucco present unique challenges in the painting industry. They are not like textured drywall which is meant to minimally absorb paint. They soak it up like sponges, which often lead to splotchy, uneven paint jobs. Assuming you don't want that look for your home, you need to know how to paint brick and stucco. Here are some tips to get you started.

Power wash Everything

If you have a chance to power wash the surface of the stucco or brick, do so. This will clean off any dirt or grime that may be resting on the surface. This dirt will make it difficult for the paint to stick to the walls, which is why it is important to clean it off ahead of time. Avoid using soap and other products as those will also make it difficult for the paint to stick.

Once you have finished washing the brick or stucco, let it dry for an hour before proceeding. You don't want to trap moisture under the paint that could lead to problems later on.

Prepare the Walls 

Some brick and stucco need to be primed before it can be painted. This seals the texture and minimizes the amount of paint absorbed into the walls. It also creates a flat plain of color to paint on top of so you don't end up with big spots everywhere. Professional painters in Oklahoma City can determine whether or not your walls will need to be primed by their texture, condition, and base color.

Apply the Paint

The best way to get even coats on brick and stucco is to spray the paint onto the surface. Rollers also work well for this, but you must make sure they are the right texture for this application. With either rollers or spray paint, you must strive for thin, even layers of paint. This may take a few coats to cover, but it will result in the best look overall.

Seal It Off

In some cases, a glaze may be applied to the surface to bring out the depth and dimension of the paint and the wall texture. This emphasizes the unique gradient of stucco and the intricate texture of brick. If you are doing this on your own, make sure the paint is completely dry before applying the glaze. Ideally though, you should work with the best painters Oklahoma City has to offer to ensure your paint looks great from the start.


You might not think that the texture on your wall matters much, but it sends subliminal messages you probably don't notice. With the right texture services, you could completely modernize your home for very little money. Here is a look at the difference the right texture can make for you.

Modern Appearance

If you go into a home with popcorn ceilings, you instantly assume it's outdated. That is a natural reaction because most painters and designers do not use that kind of texture any longer. If you want to make your home look fresh and new, texturing a great way to go about doing that. Add some modern carpets and cabinets to the mix and no one will really know how old the house really is.

Hidden Flaws

If you have issues on your wall, texture can make it look at lot better. This is like putting icing on a cake that isn't appealing on its own. It still tastes good, but the icing makes it look inciting and bite-worthy.  In this case, texture could make your home beautiful and view-worthy.

Elegant Finishes

Fans of TLC's Trading Spaces may remember that designer Doug Wilson had a thing for Venetian plaster. Whenever he had the opportunity to use it in a room, he did. He only had a $1,000 budget to design the entire room, including furniture and accessories. That might put the cost of texture into perspective. 

Pricing aside, having a great wall finish can really make your home look elegant and refined. You wouldn't expect to visit Buckingham Palace and see flat walls, would you? You don't have to spend a lot of money to get nice looking texture. You just have to find out which option will highlight your home's best features.

Painting Opportunities

Good texture allows Oklahoma City painters to create beautiful walls with paint and glaze. Think of your walls as massive canvases that you can show off. They don't have to purely serve a function of protecting you from bad weather. With the right texture on your walls, painting experts can accentuate the different layers of texture on the walls so you can get the best look possible. Your home will have depth like never before.