Choose a Bonded or Insured Paint Contractor


Saving money has become a priority for the majority of us. However, there are many cautionary sayings such as, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," and “penny wise is pound foolish.”

The fiercely competitive home improvement business is no exception. If you are thinking of hiring a painting contractor, this article outlines the benefits of working with a bonded or insured contractor.

What is a bonded paint contractor?

In a nutshell, a bond is:

  • a pre-paid savings account with a bank or insurance company
  • used to cover any expenses (up to the bond amount) required to complete the job satisfactorily
  • should the project not be completed according to the contract between the property owner and the contractor.

While the property owner can make a claim against a performance bond, it is imperative that the contract is specific about the exterior house painting or interior house painting to be completed.

Also, the property owner can request that the contractor post a performance bond if the project is expected to exceed the amounts stipulated in a regular bond. A performance bond covers the entire cost of the job and assures the home owner reimbursement for any financial losses if the project is not completed as per the contract.

What is insured paint contractor?

Another saying that has stood the test of time is, “it is better to be safe than sorry.” Which is where selecting an insured house painting contractor comes in.

Contractor employees injured on duty need to be insured. As does damage to persons or property. In some cases, the property owner could be held liable for personal injury if the contractor does not have insurance.

Rest assured

As a team of professional painters, we are suitably bonded and insured. We take such pride in our work that we offer a two year warranty.

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