Exterior House Painting Inspiration for Your Home's Shutters



In Oklahoma, people take pride in their homes. The outside of your property, including the garden, driveway, and your home’s exterior, is the first impression that guests will have of you and your family. It is also the first thing you will see when you come home after a long day’s work.

While an exterior paint job is a great way to give your home a facelift, many people underestimate the impact that things like shutters, trimmings, and windowsills can have on the overall picture and feeling of a space. Here are a few ideas to create a beautiful picture with your home’s shutters:


Match Your Shutters To Your Doors

Is your belt the same colour or material as your shoes or purse? Many detail-oriented people are particularly aware of how certain colours of their outfits or accessories need to be matched. In the same way, you can consider matching the paint colour of your shutters to your front door.


If matching your shutters to your front door is not practical or appealing, then you could also consider matching your shutters to your fence, garage doors or other exterior doors of your home.


Spray Paint Or White Wash Your Shutters

Spray painting or whitewashing your shutters can give your windows a unique, retro look. You can also extend this look to louvres and other elements of your home for more consistency.


Cream And Green

The cream and green colour combination can give your home a natural and vintage look.


Adding Dimensions With Shades Of Charcoal

For a more modern look, you can consider combining different shades of grey, charcoal, and blue-black with white for your window trimmings and shutters.


Navy And White

The navy and white colour combination can give your home more of a colonial or navy-inspired look.



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