Get Your Outdoor Entertainment Area Ready for Summer BBQs


Outdoor entertainment

The weather is slowly but surely starting to heat up and you can feel that spring is in the air, which means that summer is around the corner! As house painters, we’re often involved in home renovation and upgrade projects this time of the year. One thing that many people in Oklahoma City are investing in is outdoor entertainment areas where they can host friends and family for summer barbecues. Here are a few ways in which you can get your entertainment area ready for summer:


Create An Outdoor Bar Or Kitchen

If you have to keep walking back and forth to your kitchen to pour drinks and bring plates, then you’re missing out on valuable time that you could be spending outside with your guests. Build an outdoor bar and kitchen to make entertaining easier and better.


Create Shade

If your outdoor entertainment area isn’t covered by the trees, make sure you have something that will offer shade from the sun during the warmer summer months. A large, movable umbrella or a pergola can work wonders.


Build A Fire Pit

A fire pit creates an ambience in a way that a traditional barbecue doesn’t. This can be the spot where people hang out, tell stories, and spend time together for hours.


Paint The Area

Whether you have deck chairs and tables or cabinetry and walls, our house painters can paint your surfaces to make sure that it withstands harsh weather elements and looks great all year round.



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