House Painters Share Their Tips For Creating The Perfect Nursery


The arrival of a new baby is one of the most exciting events. A buzz builds up with all the anticipation, along with nervousness of the unknown. One way to reduce any anxiety you may be experiencing is to keep busy. What better way to keep busy than to paint your nursery using these tips from Oklahoma City finest house painters?

Do You Need a Painting Contractor? 

Hiring interior house painters gives you peace of mind that your paint job will be done properly and on time. Using a team of professionals who truly care about the quality of work performed allows you more time to attend to the inevitably long list of things to get done before the baby arrives.

Elements of A Perfect Nursery 

Air quality is one of the most important considerations of your baby’s nursery design. Indoor air pollution may not have crossed your mind, but it leads to adverse health effects which are more threatening to young children and babies. Not only does your choice of interior wall paint have an impact on the quality, but also your furniture and flooring material.

Before you start, determine whether your house has had mold. If so, ensure that the paint you select contains antimicrobial agents that help keep away mold and mildew. Choose a water-based paint for the nursery, and check that it contains zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

After painting of your nursery is complete, allow the room to thoroughly air out until the VOCs are gone.

Color has the hugest impact both psychologically and physiologically. To enhance the mood of the nursery space, err on the side of calm, relaxing, neutral colors. While it may be tempting to go all blue or all pink, the trend is to decorate for the benefit of the caregiver – especially as they will be spending exhausting hours in baby’s room. Bright and high-contrast colors can be overstimulating.

Remember the ceiling! It will look shabby next to newly painted walls, and it is the job you want to do first.

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