How To Choose The Right Paint Color For The Exterior Of Your Home


The paint color you choose for the exterior of your Oklahoma City home has one of the most profound impacts on the curb appeal of your house. Not only does curb appeal give your home that exceptional quality which elicits compliments from others, but it also gives you the first warm and fuzzy feeling when you arrive home.     

Exterior Paint Offers An Impressive ROI 

Considering how reasonably priced exterior house painting is compared to other renovations, selecting an exterior paint color for your home is an important return on investment decision. You may be tempted to flash your personal favorite color for all to enjoy, but for a look, you will love for years to come, you may want to consider these elements before painting outside of the house.

Your Neighbors 

Unless you live on a huge piece of land, the color you choose for the exterior of your home impacts your neighbors. While driving through your area, note which colors work well in your environment and climate.

Your Setting 

Would you like the exterior painting of your home to blend in with a natural landscape? Or stand out in an urban statement?

Your Landscaping 

House painting services are only a good return on investment if you do not have to completely change or update landscaping elements such as stonework and masonry, pathways and driveways. Let your exterior painting contractor draw on his experience to suggest ways to harmoniously blend these elements with your new color scheme.

Ray the Painter 


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