How to prepare the exterior of your house for painting


If you’re a DIY home improver planning on painting the outside of your house, then it’s worth spending a bit of time up-front prepping the surfaces. When it comes to exterior house painting, if you’ve got the foundations right, not only will your paint stretch further and look better, but it will last longer too – up to eight years on average!


Step 1: Prepare


Inspect your house from top to bottom, taking note of everything that needs to be repaired such as doors, windows, wood trims and fascia boards. Then get your wood filler, glue and whatever else you need and get to work fixing and repairing.


Step 2: Scrub, sand, and wash


New paint won’t stick to dirty surfaces. So, be sure to scrub, , sand or wash away dirty areas to be  painted and smooth out rough patches before you paint. A wire brush on an electric drill will make quick work of rust and paint. Let the surfaces dry thoroughly before you start painting. 


Step 3: Prime


In the past, you would more than likely have applied primer before applying your color. Depending on your surface material, this is still a good rule to follow. The latest paintshowever, have combined primer and paint, which means you don’t have to apply so many coats. If you’re not sure what type of paint you’ve bought, give your local exterior painting contractor a call for advice.


Step 4: Paint


Once you’ve done your prep, all that’s left to do it start painting! Depending on the area to be painted, you may use a brush, roller or sprayer. Start at the top and work your way down toward the bottom to reduce unsightly streaks and drips.


There’s no doubt that a well-prepared surface leads to a well-painted finish, so if you’re in any doubt at all, why not chat to a professional exterior painter, like Ray the Painter, about your concerns. Whether you’re only looking for a painting contractor specializing in exterior painting or you’d like a fully comprehensive painting service, we can do it all. We have many positive reviews from satisfied customers. Look at our testimonials to find out more.



So, if you’re in need of house painting services or if you’re looking for an independent painting contractor to help lighten the load, contact Ray the Painter or fill out a bid request today.