How Walls Should Be Prepared By Your Paint Contractor


How Walls Should Be Prepared By Your Paint Contractor

When you hire a professional paint contractor, you need to be confident that you will get the best finish possible. While the quality of the paint and the application do play a significant role in the final result, preparation is the key to ensuring a beautiful, lasting look.


Besides ensuring a perfect finish, proper wall preparation will also reduce or even eliminate the need for extra coats of paint. And it will keep the job site tidier throughout the paint project.  


Here are some of the steps that a paint contractor should take to prepare your walls for painting:


  • Remove Items From The Walls:

Any picture frames, portraits, blinds or curtains in close proximity to the wall or that are adhered to the wall need to be removed.


  • Fill Holes And Cracks:

Holes and cracks in the wall need to be filled and finished for a smooth, even result.


  • Clean The Walls:

Warm soapy water and a sponge can be used to clean the walls. The wall should not only be completely free of dirt and debris, but it should also be completely dry before it is painted.

  • Prime Surfaces:

Stained surfaces or areas that have not been painted before, have to be primed prior to painting.

  • Protect Fixtures:

Light and electrical covers as well as door skirting need to be protected so that they don’t come into contact with the wall paint.


Some of the tools, items and equipment that a paint contractor will use to prepare the wall for painting include:


  • Dust sheets,
  • A bucket and sponge,
  • A sanding block,
  • A vacuum cleaner,
  • Dust masks,
  • Wall filler,
  • Primer,
  • Basecoat,
  • Masking tape,
  • A retractable knife, and
  • Sealant.



As you can see, quite a lot of work goes into preparing a wall before it can be painted. If you need an experienced, dependable and expertly trained team of paint contractors to take care of your exterior or interior house painting, then get in touch with Ray the Painter. We provide top-quality house painting services in Oklahoma City.