Refresh your yard with fence and deck staining from a top paint contractor


Nothing can detract from the attractiveness of your outside areas like wooden fences and decks that look old and worn. Not only do wooden surfaces that haven’t been maintained look shoddy, they also run the risk of becoming damaged over time. Oklahoma can have extreme weather and temperatures, making maintenance essential to avoid damage.


Ray the Painter offers house painting services that include fence and deck staining. With over 20 years of experience as a residential and commercial painting contractor (and with crew leaders and lead painters with an average of over 7 years’ experience each), we boast superior


We use only top quality products that enhance your fence and deck’s appearance while

protecting thoroughly from the elements. In addition to staining your fence and deck, we also offer light exterior carpentry services and repairs such as replacing siding, trimming boards, fascias, soffits and cutting the rotten ends of faux beams.

 Only the best quality equipment and materials

Better quality products lead to a better finish that ensures longer lasting protection for your wooden fence and deck. Cheaper products may do the job, but the high-end brands such as Sherwin-Williams that we use offer a visibly superior finish that requires less maintenance.


Excellent service with a 2-year warranty

We pride ourselves in ensuring an excellent painting service with high-quality workmanship. We are dependable and organized, sticking to an 8:00 am to 4:30 pm schedule (unless otherwise arranged by our customers). We ensure minimal hassle to our clients by keeping work areas neat and tidy. Because we have such confidence in our abilities, we are prepared to back-up our quality and service with a 2-year warranty. Other house painters offer warranties, but not many are confident enough to offer a warranty for this length of time.


20 Years of experience with great references

Ray the Painter has been in the house painting business since 1991. This means that we have over 20 years of excellent experience as well as many happy customers. Look at our testimonials to see all the positive reviews from satisfied clients who chose to paint their homes the “Ray the Painter Way”.


If you’re in need of expert house painting, contact Ray the Painter or fill out a bid request today.