Should you Paint your brick walls?


Painting brick walls

As paint contractors in Oklahoma City, we have seen many clients who are unhappy with certain brick elements in their home. Many years ago, the fireplaces, exteriors and other surfaces were covered with brick. While this often looks beautiful, it can be an eyesore if it doesn’t compliment the other aspects of your interior décor or home design.

While some painters will tell you that painting over brick is a simple and quick fix, there are things that you need to be aware of before you whip out your paint brush and start painting. Many bricks have been manufactured with the intent that they will never be painted over. So, if you want to paint over your brick exterior, you will need to carefully plan the paint and painting techniques that you are going to use.

Another aspect to consider is the condition of the bricks that you want to paint over. If the brick is already crumbling, deteriorating or chipping in certain places, then painting over the brick may aggravate the situation. Bricks have pores that help them naturally expel moisture from walls. This also helps the material to keep water out of your home. Therefore, make sure you are investing in a paint that won’t clog the pores within the brick surfaces. Microporous technology has been successfully used to create a breathable paint that can be used on brick surfaces.

 Keep in mind that it isn’t easy to remove paint from bricks. This makes it all the more important that the paint color you choose must be carefully considered.


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