Update your new home with popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper removal and more


As in the rest of the USA, the 70’s and 80’s left many homes in Oklahoma with all sorts of interior decorating classics: so-called ‘popcorn’ ceilings and walls and all sorts of ‘retro’ wallpapers. These are some of the first features (along with old carpets and fittings) that Oklahoma homeowners usually want to remove to modernize their homes. It is an essential element of home updates that a professional home painter like Ray the Painter can take care of.

Popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn ceilings were created with the addition of a gravelly texture to an ordinary drywall ceiling. This was a popular treatment in its day. Thus, popcorn ceiling removal should today be a core service offered by a professional home painter. Although you can do it yourself, it’s one of those things best done by interior house painters with experience as it’s easy to damage the drywall in the process. It’s not easy to scrape a ceiling. If not done properly, the process of repainting could become a nightmare. Once the popcorn feature has been removed, your painting contractor can simply repaint or apply a new texture before unmasking and clean up – making the whole process of revamping your ceilings relatively smooth and quick.


Wallpaper removal

Similarly, wallpaper removal can be a messy job that may result in damage to drywalls if not done carefully. House painters with experience in wallpaper removal can do it quickly and cleanly, removing all residues and adhesives without leaving a scrape on your wall. It’s not always easy to remove wallpaper cleanly, particularly if it has been there for decades. It may require special equipment and solvents. So, once again, it’s a job best left to professional house painting services.


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